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When you leave home you shouldn't have to worry about anything. Atlas Travel has a variety of plans to cover everything from emergency hospital & medical insurance, trip cancelation, single and multi-trip plans, and student coverage when traveling outside of Canada.

You will feel secure knowing your financially protected during your travels.

Best Doctors Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service - for companies 10 employees and up. We all know the kind of wait times we experience today for medical services. If you require Diagnostic Imaging to help diagnose a serious medical condition, you can be facing a 2 to 3 month wait, or even longer. Of course, this adds additional anxiety to the stress of worrying what the results of the test will be. Best Doctors Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service provides rapid access to diagnostic facilities and medical consulting.
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The BeneCo plan is viewed very highly by business owners that are looking for ways to pay for health, dental or vision expenses (not covered by a group plan or by their provincial health care plan) by using pre-tax corporate dollars instead of using after-tax personal dollars. It is a full write off for the company while tax free to the individual.

The BeneCo plan is popular because we understand that what is important to one person or company may not be as important to the next. It gives the small business the feel of a much larger company that typically have flexible plans in place.

Some of the most common claims we see are...

  • Dental Claims
  • Procedures that aren't covered
  • Procedures that aren't covered at 100% percent
      (Many plans require the employee to pay a co-insurance amount which then could be claimed through BeneCo.)
  • Cosmetic dental work (teeth whitening)
  • Orthodontics
  • Deductibles
  • Health Care Claims
  • Paramedical Practitioners
  • Medical Supplies
  • Vision Care
  • Laser Eye Surgery
  • Frames & Lenses
  • Contact Lenses

If an expense is prescribed or performed by a licensed medical practitioner then the BeneCo plan will cover it. We adjudicate and track all of our client's claims and send them statements when they submit a claim.

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